Creative Destruction Driver

Making power brands
and modern products
Managing talented people and help them to succeed
in the new economy


Owner, CEO

Power of Influence


Founder, ex-CEO

Created and developed specialized agency for work with bloggers for Possibe Group


Work with top YouTube creators

Developing team of Partner Managers, Talent Managers and Gaming Managers at Yoola and Yoola Music. Work with numbers and people. Help talents to growth and succeed in content and business.



My profile: DISC — DC, MBTI — INTP,
MSI (Management Style Indicator) — PAEi

My strengths:
Work with information, Negotiations, Strategic thinking, Visual storytelling,
Presentation and public speaking skills, team management, career coaching

Past work

The last 10 years I've been creating great projects
for big brands

Human-Centred Systems

TNK-BP: Intranet Of The Future, consulting for Sminex and Terra Auri

Strategist, Design Manager, Advisor

Digital Communications

Live&Work creative concept, Fox & Dog cafe launch, Meller: Stress Zone

Digital Producer, Strategist, Creative

Influencer Marketing

Campaigns and strategies for: P&G, Ferrero, Gloria Jeans, Tuborg, Tele2, L'Oreal, GFD, AliExpress and more than 50 brands

Strategist, Manager, Lead

Want to create something together?

I'de love to build teams, work with talented people and make things happen.

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